Epoch of Edification

By: Nagalakshmi | July 05, 2018

“My child doesn’t show any interest in reading”, “These are new methods and I can’t help my child to read”, “The school work eats up all the time”, “My child reads school books that’s enough”

These are some of the statements we could say as a parent.

Now let us take a deep breathe and think why our children should read. Is it for scoring marks or credits? Is it to be fluent with an international language? If these are achieved then your child is ‘able to read’.

Ability to read is a skill - that is easily achieved in their fourteen or fifteen years of schooling.

Reading as habit is valued.

Significance of reading as habit

-  helps in being self-compassionate

-  makes more resilient

-  feels more connected to wider community

-  d...